Friday, 10 August 2007

Thoughtful Dick

I’m a thoughtful blogger. So says The Thinker who has thoughtfully handed me for one of these awards. A thoughtful man can’t complain when rewards come his way. I felt pretty much the same way when we won our BAFTA for Best Primetime Use of a Sofa or Chaise Lounge. I’m not immediately sure what it means to be a thoughtful blogger as I give it remarkably little thought. I just sit here with my packet of lime and orange tic tacs and hit keys as things take my fancy. I prefer to think I’m just a thoughtful man. Like the time I thoughtfully helped Judy in her hour of need when she so thoughtful popped out of her dress during an awards ceremony a few years ago.

So, I have been instructed to make six choices of my own, which I’ve also done with remarkably little thought. The Richard Madeley Thoughtful Blogger Awards go to:

Clare who has thoughtfully agreed to be The Keeper of the Snails.

Glamourpuss who is thoughtful even when she's up her pole.

Elberry who is being very thoughtful and is currently robbing innocents of their innocence.

Mopsa who very thoughtfully and so is her dog.

Rilly Super who isn't being very thoughtful at all and hasn’t posted for a few days.

And my last award goes to the Swearing Mother whose thoughtful swearing enlivens my every day.

I think that’s enough of being thoughtful. We now return to our normal unthoughtful programming.


Glamourpuss said...

Thanks, Dickie. I do my best thinking halfway up a pole. Take that as you will.


Mopsa said...

Ta Dickie - I have been doubly blessed.

@themill said...

Been away - when did you lose Richard and find Dick?
Ungallant Blogger Award for reminding us all of Judy's very own public awards ceremony.
If I were her I'd drop a garden gnome on your other toe.

elberry said...

cheers! i tell people i'm your friend now. Sometimes they're impressed; sometimes they just back away with a fixed grin.

Dick Madeley said...

Glamourpuss, I'll take that the most gallant way possible.

Mopsa, only doubly blessed? I'd say more. Much more.

@themill, I'm just settling in. I thought since I'm getting to know everybody, I'd be less formal.

Judy doesn't mind the reminder. She's always joking about it. To be honest, she's always popping out, just not so often in public.

Elberry, I know the feeling. I'm always mentioning your name and by a ratio of two to one, I get vague comments about how you once stole their innocence.

Andrew said...

You're not closely related to Big Chip Dale, by any chance, are you, Dick?

Andrew said...

Big Chip the well-oiled Welshman to clarify.

EmmaK said...

Dick...I always thought of you as just a foxymoron, a huge sexy hunk of well tanned man meat, when you were on Richard and Judy. But that's because I didn't know you, not really, until I started reading this blog. And yes, it's true, you really are a thinker. A deep, penetrating thinker who just happens to come wrapped in a dreamy package. Congrats!

rilly super said...

richard darling, sometimes downshifting really gets in the way, sigh. Being thoughtful, just about something else. Thanks ever so for the award, that's lovely, and hope to bring SITN up to date this weekend dear

Graf von Straf Hindenburg said...

Thank you, Richard, for this. Mopsa's dog has made it to the Blogfocus later this evening and it was all due to you.

Swearing Mother said...

Richard, how could you leave me out? Have I not been thoughtful? Have I not cared for you ever since your very first blog? Or is it because you are from London and I am from further up north?

After all I've done for you, huh!

I am gutted.

Dick Madeley said...

Swearing Mother, I've just had to break my weekend holiday to fix that oversight. I can only blame Judy who was rushing me when I was making my list. How will you forgive me? Perhaps we could get you on the show this week and you could give us a lesson in swearing?

Swearing Mother said...

I should f*cking well think so, Richard. Just let me know when to expect the car to bring me to the studio.

Yours, slightly mollified but still a bit sniffy,


Keeper of the Snails said...

Richard (I'm sorry but I just can't bring myself to call you Dick. You will always be a Richard in my eyes, like the Lionheart), thank you so much for thinking of me. Truly thoughtful. I start off my Monday morning with renewed enthusiasm knowing I have been so honoured.

Yours in great appreciation,

Dick Madeley said...

Missed a few of those comments, so, to recap:

Andrew, no. I've been asked this before, and I can't see the similarity.

EmmaK, you're just sweet talking me now. Which is okay. I like to be sweet talked.

Rilly, I think we should all agree to have summer off. It's too warm to think.

Keeper, just trying to keep our collective spirits up. I think I also felt a bit guilty. I thought of you last night when I accidentally stood on a snail.

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