Monday, 20 September 2010

Second-Class Male

I’m breaking my self-imposed blog silence to point you in the direction of this book, which many have compared favourably to this blog.

Ah! But do I hear you cry: 'Hold on, Uncle Dick! How is that possible? Surely you've not had a hand in this book's conception? Have you been lying to us when you said you’ve been busy combating pirates in Somali waters?'

Well, I’ll tell you the truth: it beats me! However, I’m not ashamed to admit that Stan Madeley is my kind of man: fearless when the circumstances call for it but with a dash of the romantic when his wife Sandra (54) hits the dimmer switch. He’s also the UK’s top Richard Madeley lookalike and a trained cabaret chisel thrower to boot, so you don’t need me to point out that he’s blessed on more than one front.

Second-Class Male contains the letters Stan has been written to the great and the good of showbiz, politics, and high street retail. He even butters up old General Noriega with only a second-class stamp, so why not buy a copy of the publishing sensation of the year (excluding Paul O’Grady’s collector's guide to SAS Land Rovers).

In summary: please make your old friend, Uncle Dick, very happy and buy Stan’s book. I’m giving it two thumbs up, a high five, and one shin slightly inclined towards the perpendicular. It’s impossible to give it more praise than that.