Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! And I mean that with sincerity spilling over in my heart. We had a simply fantastic New Year, as you will know if you've seen the videos of Judy playing a slightly merry trombone on the Tube’s Bakerloo Line. I've promised her that I won’t link to the video from here. She’s a little ashamed, to be honest, though I know the video has already gone viral as she’s already getting requests to play her trombone 'Gungham Style' on South Korean State TV.

In other news, I notice that Stan Madeley is providing a very valuable service this morning with his very entertaining ‘Top Ten Ways To Excite An 86 Year Old Billionaire’. I know that Stan had his heart set on becoming the next Mrs. Hugh Hefner, so I think it’s very noble of him to offer Hugh’s new bride some helpful tips. He's clearly given it a lot of thought and I know I'll certainly be using a few of his tips should I ever fall fortunate enough to meet an 86 year old with billions in the bank.

As for me, I’m spending the day helping Judy deflate the enormous illuminated Santa currently sitting atop the Madeley Mansion. We’re hoping for no repeat performance of last year when a freak gust of wind dragged the Santa down the street with my poor wife still hanging from the bottom. Now how *that* never got onto Youtube, I really don’t know.