Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The Quality Of Me

Like most things, it began with an itch. Call it a chance to rage against the machine. But I never thought people would really, sincerely, honestly believe. People are perceptive. I hoped that the people I write for understand the game. It was all too silly to be true. Yet some still believed. Is that bad? Is it good? Is it that just that people want to believe in something so outrageously silly that it has to be true?

Perhaps reality isn’t as acute as they wish it to be and that we all live in the hope that life is really caricature.

But that’s not life. Just to make that clear.

So, if you laughed before, I hope you’ll laugh again.

Or does it all change when celebrity is taken out of the equation? Is fame the only thing that matters? Discuss.


Richard Havers said...

Richard Madeley said...

And link love back to you Richard. Link love back to you...

Swearing Mother said...

No you don't have to be famous, Richard, but it helps. I probably wouldn't have looked at your blog in the first place if I hadn't recognised your name and face, and what fun I would have missed. Back in the days when you were a brand-new blogger, I was your first commenter. Aaaaaah.

Richard, you make me laugh. I love the game. Don't stop playing it, you're a pro.

And anyway, you may be famous but you're still humble enough to let your wife rod the drains, empty the septic tank or strip down the lawn-mower engine. It takes a real man to do that.

More to the point, will you visit my blog when I am famous?

Big Chip Dale said...

Please tell people that I'm not you. It's hard enough being me.

Miss Understood said...

I don't think it's enough to be just famous. I think people have to like you too.

ian russell said...

the whole episode makes me smile, still. gullibility in unexpected places is a hoot.

if I've caused any offense, I'm sorry . please carry on, I only wish I could understand the finer points of the parody but it's over my head.

Not Richard said...

Swearing Mother, thank you. I'll continue. Just need to find a new angle.

Chip, of course you're not me, though I can see why people confuse the two of us. We're both just so good looking.

Miss Understood, that might be true but unpopular famous people are often more successful than popular nobodies.

Ian, please! I took no offense. Forget about it. I was a bit amused as to wonder what had happened to your back button, but I don't think I'm the kind of guy to annoy too many people. And thanks for dropping by. Your encouragement has helped me this morning.

Miss Understood said...

Very true. People will hitch a celebrity ride with anybody, regardless of whether they actually like them or not.

But Richard, I do like you a lot, so that's ok.

PS. Could I come round for dinner? I make a wicked Jamaican cake. x

Dick Madeley said...

Miss Understood, after the incident with the mite, I've gone quite off Jamaican ginger cake. I'm glad you like me for who I am and not because I'm TV's most handsome celebrity.