Thursday, 6 August 2009

Silly Film Titles

I’m away in Manchester for two days, so have some of my Twitter nonsense from last night. The theme was #welshfilms:

The League of Extraordinarily Hairy Gentlemen
FF for Vendetta
Whatever Happened To Baby Jones
The Lllllllllion King
The Ex-Coalminer’s Daugher
Buck Rogers in the Nineteenth Century
A Farewell to Rams
Austin Powys: Man of Mystery
Kung Fu Rhondda
Mad Max Boyce
The Silence of the Lambs Who Accepted The Out Of Court Settlement
Three Men And A Baby And A Pickaxe
Don’t Tell Mam That The Babysitter’s English
Hairy Potter And the Half-Blood Prince of Wales
Bridgend’s Too Far
Eisteddfod Scissorhands
The Bloody English Patient

And my personal favourite:

An American Werewolf in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch


@LucySofiano said...

Dear Uncle Dick
I'm fearing that your Twitter antics, in particular your reference to Welsh film titles has brought the whole of the Twitisphere to a stand still.

It seems that the world can't cope with your debonair sense of style, charm and dashing good looks (or the threat that you may have more followers than Brittany Ferries).

I need my fix of Dick so I've had to come looking for you here.

Please, please keep us updated as to how you are fairing (I have a terrible fear that Mr Murdoch is holding you hostage)

The world just won't be the same without Twitter or without it's prize Twit.
For now, dear Dicky,
Lucy xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dick, my favorite Welsh Film is "Dai Another Day" starring Pierce Bronwyn & Halle Barry. I am surprised to see it is not on your llist.

Uncle Dick Madeley said...

Lucy, you flatter me almost too much. I try my best to keep everybody updated but there are only so many hours in the day and at least eight of those are required for personal maintenance. However, I've just released my new album so I hope you'll be seeing more of me in the media in the coming weeks.

Anonymous, you clearly don't realise that 'Dai' is the Welsh form of 'Dick' and I refuse to mock Dicks. However, on this occasion, I'll permit it and praise you ingenuity. What about 'Live and Let Dai' too?

hogansgoat said...

A few titles gathering dust behind the VHS in the Hogan household....

The Llandeilo That Time Forgot
The Bridgends Of Madison County
The Dylan Thomas Crown Affair
Barry Lyndon
Evans Can Wait
Les Amants du Pontypool
Ebbw Vale Tide
Philadlphia Bennett Story