Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Dancing Monkeys!

I owe you all an explanation about the onion.

It's a truth of blogging that whenever you put effort into something, your rewards are minimal. I could have easily sat there for half an hour last night writing 2000 words about how my day was ruined by Judy's incessant wittering on about her latest Andy McNab. However, I knew there had to be an easier way. You, see, I'm beginning to understand blogging. I'm catching on. Post a picture of an onion, I thought. There are sure to be people out there who like onions. And I was right.

I was inspired by this thread, over at Thought Experiments. 34 comments and counting! It's enough to make a writer weep into their Salvation Army issue blanket.

It’s why I’ve decided to take a zero-effort approach to blogging. From now on, I’ll just be linking to videos of monkeys dancing.

See, how easy that was? Now to curl up on my flattened cardboard box and finish the last of this soup...


Rattling On said...

I think it's brave of you to come clean regarding your shameless social experiment re: that onion.
Nice, as well, to know the high regard in which you hold the intelligence of your readership.
You can't keep fobbing us off with novelty veg, Madeley. Or dancing monkeys, come to that.

Uncle Dick Madeley said...

I fully intend to keep fobbing you off with more of the same. My onion was a test and a hugely successful one at that. Today's monkeys less so, but I don't see why I should go back to hammering out words when the public are so desperately crying out for images. Tomorrow, I have an owl lined up. The day after that: a tableau of the world's smallest pickled vegetables.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite impressed with the monkeys' dancing, I can't dance as well as that!