Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Fred Dinenage Appreciation Society

A quick note to the person(s) arriving here this afternoon, searching for the 'Fred Dinenage Appreciation Society': sorry to break it to you but I very much doubt if there is one. I've got nothing against Fred Dineage but he was yesterday's man. This blog is about today, men who have a strong connection with youth, talk their talk, walk their walk, and allow their trousers to hang loosely around their hips, revealing three inches of underpant (if I wore them).

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but that doesn't sound like Fred Dineage, even on a good day.


Anonymous said...

Who is he? As for the trousers hanging loosely around the hip, when there are no underpants involved, that's called a builder's bum.

hogansgoat said...

I think you're being a little harsh on the poor fellow, Madeley.

Saturday lunchtimes when the mighty Fred presented World of Sport instead of Dickie "Skunk" Davies, were looked forward to with great excitement in my formative years.

Nobody could present log rolling from Calgary with quite the style and panache of this doyen of anchormen.

Uncle Dick Madeley said...

Anonymous, it's Fred Dinenage, he of 'How' fame. I agree: he's not worth an appreciation society. As to builder's bum: I prefer to call it a presenter's posterior.

Hogansgoat, all so true, though I was never much of a fan of ITV's sports coverage. Perhaps I'm too young but I remember so little of it except for the wrestling... Didn't they also cover the lumberjack contests? I used to enjoy watching the log climbing and beaver baiting.

hogansgoat said...

Indeed so.

World of Sport's coverage inspired me to a lifetime exploring all aspects of the beaver and its behaviour when stimulated.

Back to Dinenage, I note that he's now co-presenting Meridian Tonight with the toothsome Sangeeta Bhabra, who coincidentally makes my thoughts return to the beaver.

Uncle Dick Madeley said...

'Meridian Tonight'? What's 'Meridian Tonight'? ... [5 minutes later and a quick trawl through Wikipedia] Ah! That 'Meridian Tonight'. The one on my TV screen, here in this undisclosed area of North London. To be honest, Mr. Goat, I don't watch it. Judy has the TV tuned to Granada's regional output because of her great rivalry with Lucy Meacock. She likes to sit there gloating, muttering 'she's doing it all wrong' when Lucy reads out the latest unemployment figures for the North West. Some say Judy likes to live in the past but she's still a Granada Reports girl at heart.