Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Not So Easy Money

24 hours have now passed and my letter to 'The Independent' has still not recieved a reply. This is just so typical of journalists, happy to abuse a chap's Twitter account but haven't the decency to slip him a few thousand in the post for the distress they've caused.

But on the topic of hard earned money, I have to admit that my return to blogging has caused some debate on the Madeley/Finnigan ranch. Judy believes it's a pointless waste of time that only has a detrimental effect on the purse. 'Stick a donate button on the side!' is all she can say whenever I raise the subject of expanding my Appreciation Society. I blame Elberry who has gone the donation route and is now lighting cigars with twenty pound notes tucked into the garter belts of his thousand pound a night Bulgarian love midgets.

I suppose we're not alone in finding times tough. Judy's taste for leather bound contemporary hardbacks has given way to her reading a well thumbed copy of an Andy McNab she picked up at the local bring and buy. So when I noticed 'The Independent' had been taking my copyrighted material from Twitter and posting it in full, I thought this was the chance to make a few quid. God knows, I've given 'The News of the World' enough chance to tap my phone (passcode 423632).

What I suppose saddens me the most is that I only seem to get grief despite the great efforts I put into pleasing people. Whatever the opposite of 'needy': that's me. I'm a 'giver'. Such as the photos I sent out just the other week. Two kind letters of thanks: one from the UK and another from Spain. But what about the rest? I didn't hear a thing. But that's people, I suppose. Once they get the 4x10 glossy snap of you posing in your swimming trunks, they just don't want to know you...


hogansgoat said...

You seem to be holding up remarkably well at this difficult time, Madeley. You're an inspiration to everyone who's ever tried to make an honest sovereign by prostituting themselves to the media and making a fool of themselves in public.

I know where you're coming from on this. I was subjected to similar opprobrium in the so-called progressive media when I passed myself off for six months as a reformed, pro-American John Pilger while junketing around Venezuela, Iran and Cuba last year. You probably read about it, or maybe you caught my show trial in Shiraz on al-Jazeera.

A word to the wise, if you want to get even, just say the word and I can get the fellow, Fisk, shanghaied on his next visit to the Lebanon. I'm not without contacts among the Levantine pirate fraternity.

That'll show those misbegotten, low life proles.

Uncle Dick Madeley said...

If your power over pirates is as strong as your words, I doubt if Fisk would emerge as a man; just a misshapen eunuch without a single liberal sentiment to call his own.

Much as I try to prostitute myself before the media, I can't seem to get any fair grip on the buggers. They don't want any of my written work, none of my novels, and as for my poetry... It's hopeless! My solo career appears doomed before it has got going.

Lola said...

I'm glad you're blogging again - I can't get interested in Twitter. Best of luck with the rotten old publishers.

Uncle Dick Madeley said...

Well, I'm glad to be blogging too.

I can see why people are cynical about Twitter. For me, I like the intellectual challenge of trying to write a funny one liner or joke within 140 characters. I agree, though. Most tweets are a waste of electrons.