Sunday, 20 July 2008

A Year On

For a year, I’ve been sitting here sat at my keyboard, fashioning my thoughts into meaningful posts. Only today the words have dried up. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the Richard Madeley Appreciation Society and I still haven’t had a single card.

A year older and 365 days wiser, I now look back on a year of wasted opportunities and failed ambitions. I intended to write the finest blog around but have failed miserably. The world may now have an official resource for people with two rectums and I have become a quoted authority on the history of custard creams, my own dreams remain unfulfilled. However, I don't want you to feel sorry for me. Instead, I want you all to do at least one thing tomorrow to make the day special. Whether that’s breaking out the bunting, wrapping yourself in the Union Jack, or having an underwear free day, please make the statement to the world that ‘Richard Madeley is a vital part of this nation’s culture and it would be wrong to send him off into the backwaters of satellite TV’.

After a year, I hope you’ve come to know me a little better. You’ve seen me on good days and bad. I’ve not hidden my occasional moods from you, nor the disappointments that have dogged me all year. You have come to know the real me. And the blog is also become a sizable chunk of prose. 250,000 words on, I feel like my job isn’t anywhere near complete. The Madeley name is not yet synonymous with wit and subtlety. My novel remains unpublished (technically, the term is ‘cancelled’) and my autobiography still isn’t complete. At 30,000 words, ‘Madeley: Summoned To Greatness’ is the publishing sensation yet to be finished, published, or a sensation. However, The Richard&Judy Foundation’s official publication of ‘Fathers&Sons’ will come out in the Autumn, written by a talented guy on the Richard&Judy payroll but not, unfortunately, by these fingers. I doubt if there are many laughs in it but I hope it does well.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new year on this blog. We'll have to do something special to celebrate.


lee said...

There is no way known to man that I will be going without underwear all day tomorrow -I can tell you that now. BUT will promise to go without it when I take a shower, by way of celebrating your blog being a year old. I hope that will please you.

Selena Dreamy said...

May your book be number one in the charts, your TV ratings break new records, your wife be happy, and the Queen present you with an OBE in her 81st birthday honours' list because - to paraphrase Michael Winner, “ it's the sort of award they give to daily bloggers."

Dick Madeley said...

Lee, well at least that's something. I would have held parties across the nation but I have scheduling difficulties.

Selena, thanks too, though I'll have to go and find Michael Winner's original quote to understand all the nuances of the compliment. And technically, it's not my book. It's written by the Richard&Judy Foundation who oversee all R&J merchandise.

Princess said...

Congrats Dick a year on and still going strong .....would write more but Im just off out now

Black Cat said...

Happy, happy, happy First Blogoversary Richard! Don't give up, don't despair, don't sack Dennis, his captions rock! I love Judy but where has her sense of humour gone? And why are the pair of you going off to some obscure satellite channel which ordinary working (or retired) plebs like me can't afford?

I would go without underwear but I have to go out later for more red wine... :) xxx

P.S. You still have the "X-Factor" except when you call a guest "stupid". Ring any bells?

Dick Madeley said...

Black Cat. Are you saying that was you? To be honest, I get accused of calling so many people 'stupid'. With me, it's a term of affection that lots of people who don't know me take in the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

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