Friday, 11 July 2008

Question Thursday

It’s late, I'm again stuck up here in Manchester, and these old bones of mine intend to get some sleep despite the continued wailing of the Ladyboys in the car-park across the street.

Not wanting to disappoint you should you pop by to say hello tomorrow, I thought I’d write up some quick responses to genuine questions asked of this blog via Google in the last couple of weeks.

Is Claire Balding a man?

Yes she is. Her name is Eric and she lives in Dartford with her husband, Willie Carson.

Is Care Balding married to Willie Carson?

See above. They honeymooned in the Grand Canaries.

How much prune juice is too much?

If you have to ask, you’ve probably had too much. If in doubt, cough twice and then check your thighs for leakage.

How old is Richard Madeley?

The distinguished side of fifty. Twenty seven horse years. Fourteen by the camel.

Can you have two rectums?

Yes. It’s quite common. However I don’t. I just have one. Amaze your friends! Confuse your enemies! Coming soon from my blog: The Richard Madeley Has Only One Rectum T-Shirt.

Does Richard Madeley wear a wig?

I do though the correct term is ‘merkin’.

What languages do people in Tunisia speak?

Arabic, French and Welsh.

Is Paul Heaton allergic to bee stings?

I should imagine he might be. If I had his email address I’d write to ask him. Excellent new album, by the way. Listened to it five times as I was bounced between trains today. It gets better with each listening. ‘This Deckchair Collapsed’. Masterpiece.

Are the Krankies technically midgets?

The bloke is. His missus isn't. But the whole thing is just wrong in my opinion...

Who invented butter?

Horace Walpole. He also invented the gothic novel and was the first Englishman to eat an artichoke.

Who writes Richard Madeley's blog?

I do. Occasionally with the help of my friends, rarely with any assistance from Judy. Denis Plumb sometimes drops by and lends his only hand.

Has Martin Amis read Harry Potter?

No but he's a huge fan of the films.

Is Clive James a sir?

On this blog he is.

What's wrong with Terry Wogan's ears?

Water on the earlobes. Makes them droop terribly if left undrained.

Are Ladyboys transvestites?

If they’re not, I don’t know what is.

Why do my testicles feel like onions?

I have no idea. Do your onions feel like testicles?

Do radishes smell?

The last time I sniffed a radish it certainly did. A definite radish odour. Reminded me of radish.

Why do the Swiss yodel?

All people born at altitude have this ability. It’s just that the Swiss had the time to develop it into a hobby to annoy the French and Germans.

Is it a tit or a teat?

You have to ask yourself: is it for work or for pleasure?


lee said...

I do think the prune juice person should be put in touch with the two rectums person because a person with two rectums would surely know the answer to that question better than anyone ;).

percystilton said...

Madeley, be a mate and send me a picture of Judy's crown jewels or some dirty pictures of your daughter that i can put up on my blog. I'll pay you back by solving your mole problem by paving over your back

Lola said...

My goodness, I'm a little shocked by the crudity of your current visitors. I dropped by to let you know about a 'tagging' event over at my blog, which you may or may not want to take part in. Pthththth.

Anonymous said...

Are you aware Richard, that there is a forum dedicated to you at ?
I've not investigated it but I'm sure they'd be thrilled if you popped along and showed your face so to speak.

Dick Madeley said...

Lee, an excellent idea. I'll try to include this suggestion when I next write about people with two rectums.

Percy... I really don't know what to say. Bit low that... Best if I don't respond.

Lola, sorry for that. He's clearly new. I'll try to do your mime when Judy has five minutes to think.

Anonymous, I've seen that forum and I'm sad to see how poorly it's doing for visitors. I wouldn't mind the domain name, though.

percystilton said...

Bloody hell Madeley, you drive a hard bargain. Listen what if i bring round round my hedge trimmers and trim your bush as well as paving your backyard? Done Deal or what matey?

Barbara said...

"Is it a tit or a teat?

You have to ask yourself: is it for work or for pleasure?"

Lol, perfect.

Anonymous said...

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