Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Polar Bears

On tonight’s show we’re hoping to meet the quite remarkable man who survived a bolf of lightening and managed to walk away with only 70% burns to his body and the loss of both arms. Dr. Tony will be helping us test out the latest in haemorrhoid creams and the world’s newest polar bear will be coming to see us in the studio. I’m hoping to test some of the cream on the bear or, if not the bear, on Judy.

Which gives me the perfect opportunity to give you your random fact of the day:

Due to the extreme cold of the arctic regions, all polar bears are born with haemorrhoids. It’s what makes them so easy to annoy and liable to attack on sight.


The thinker said...

It's a well known fact that models use haemorrhoid cream to prevent facial crinkles and wrinkles - well they did in the days before computer image manipulation.

Richard Madeley said...

I knew that but didn't want people to be put off my blog before they got to know me. Never tried it myself, of course, as I'm without flaws at both ends.