Sunday, 29 July 2007

Genital Boomerangs

Angus McFidden might not be a name known to many of you but, in the world of brass kneecaps, the man is a real legend. We've had him on the show a few times, talking about the odd world of the prosthetic collectables and his new book, 'That's My Hip You're Holding' , should make the hobby even more popular.

Judy finds the whole thing as disturbing as I find it fascinating. The last time Angus came on the show he handed her the ceramic genitalia of a fourteenth century Chinese emperor called Jing. Judy went quite white and we had to quickly cut to a commercial break as we all had a good laugh about it in the studio. All, that is, except Judy who angrily threw Jing’s genitals at the camera. The damn thing flew like a boomerang and when we came back from the break, Judy had to read the link while still partially concussed. I don’t think viewers noticed.

Judy has now forgiven Angus and we will be having him on the show again either this week or next. We've already filmed the segment where Angus shows of his latest find, a Victorian brass shinbone (right). More information can be found from Angus' website and anybody interested in collecting prosthetics should check out our show in the coming weeks.

Right, it's a sunny Sunday, so I can't think of a better time to give you a few facts about prosthetics.

Did you know, for instance, that artificial hips are made in the same factory as produces the rod ends for Mini Coopers and that they share many of the same dimensions? Or did you know that the modern artificial hip is made from ceramics and tungsten? The surgical replacement of elbows, knees, and shins have become quite routine in the last decade, but the next ten years promise advances in the prosthetic knuckles, chins, and armpits.


Swearing Mother said...

Thank you Richard for another fascinating post. I can't think of a better way of spending a sunny afternoon than sitting indoors at my computer reading about prosthetic armpits. Really good stuff.

Anyway, must fly, have to finish slabbing the patio before Antiques Roadshow.

Love to Judy.

Richard Madeley said...

Thank you, Swearing Mother. I'm glad to entertain you on a Sunday afternoon. And congratulations on the patio. I wish I could say that we've had some movement in that area but Judy won't get back to it until she's finished doing the plastering in the house.

I keep telling her that the patio is more important. I stubbed my toe on a raised bit of paving, the other day, and now I have a black nail on my big toe.

rilly super said...

richard dear, these ceramic chinese items you mention, do you know if one can buy these, even as reproductions? just a thought...

elberry said...

not only do i work all day typing up physiotherapists' letters about total hip/knee replacements, antalgic gaits, trochantic bursitis, medial rotation limited at end range into flexion, neurological abnormalities, etc., i find you're on the game too.

Is there no escape?

Anonymous said...

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