Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Richard & Judy's Great American Adventure Part 1

We landed in America in the early hours yesterday and took another plane straight over to Salt Lake City, here in Utah, where we’ll be staying for a night or two. I thought it would be a different kind of holiday, travelling across America, but now I’m here, I don’t want to move on. Utah is my kind of town with my kind of people. I’ve done so much since I got here that I doubt if you’d recognise me.

Judy isn’t too impressed but she wasn’t that excited when I told her that I was becoming a Mormon. The Richard & Judy & Ruth & Tabitha & Kerry & Rachael & Mary Show perhaps doesn’t have the same ring to it but I say that we should bother about how it looks in the TV listings when a man is sticking to his religious principals. The girls are all lovely and I hope you’ll get to know them (and the few more I hope to marry before I leave) when we have the super-wide sofa installed in the studio. I don’t know what the TV chiefs will make of it but I think Judy is resigned to the fact that we’ll be able to introduce a rotation policy, with Judy only presenting one show in seven or eight.

Polygamy has got a bad name to people who don’t understand it. They think it demeans the woman because the relationship is usually one man to many women. But I say what better way is there of celebrating womanhood than by allowing six women to be married to a man like me? In fact, there are some polygamy facts which some people don’t want you to know about. Did you know, for example, that polygamy is illegal in the UK except in Kent where it is protected by bylaws? Did you also know that the first evidence of polygamy was found by antropologists researching the earliest civilization in Africa? They posit that primitive pigmy polygamy began with a progenitor practising polymorphous perversity but I don’t think it’s as simple as that.


lady thinker said...

Hmmm - I see your into yet me p's tongue twisters.
While you're over in that area will you keep an eye out for the poor Fosset man who seems to have landed somewhere in a desert over there. His friend R Branson doesn't appear at all worried but I fear the worse (but then I always do).

Glamourpuss said...

As a Kentish lass, I can attest to indeed having had more than one husband at the same time.

Take that as you will.

Freud has a lot to answer for.


Anonymous said...

As a white british Christian married to a black African Muslim ( we both share the same morals and principals)I want to defend the right to be in a polygamous marriage if it is agreeable to both parties.As a loving, united couple we are about to find out whether or not we will be sharing our relationship with another co-wife illegal or not that is our hope.I am unable to have children and what better way for my wonderful caring husband to have a family.I have children from a previous relationship we have the resources to enable us to fulfill a dream which is mine more than his,the reason for that is because he does not want to hurt me cause me pain....I reassure him the love he shows , attention he gives me,our relationship will endure with the belief we both have in God any insecurities I may feel (Im sure I will have them I have to be realistic)he has no reason to worry. ...Its a long story how we came about this decision and whom the potential wife is and her feelings because as yet she has not been asked to become a second wife.I only came across your blog because I was yet again looking for further information on polygamy as there is plenty of resources discussing the polygamous lifestyle.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday

Dick Madeley said...

Thanks for info, Anonymous. I wonder if this is the same God who gave people a sense of humour, laughter, and the ability to be silly? Perhaps not. Odd because my God gave me that blessed thing.

Anonymous said...

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