Tuesday, 6 November 2007


I need you help. I’m under fire from angry members of the British ex-pat community in Tunisia. No, seriously. I’m not joking. Even I couldn't make this up. They are currently launching wave upon wave of comments on one of my old posts and there’s nobody to defend me.

I ask that you go to my old post and help me put up a fight. I’m all on my own and it might take time to mobilise forces. Dr. Raj has said he is up for the fight, and Denise Robertson is flying in from Germany. Bobby Davro was the first comedian to say he’s in, and I’ve got the combined forces of The Chuckle Brothers and The Krankies, who all said they wouldn't stand by and watch me suffer. But it will take time before they get here.

I don’t know how bad this onslaught is going to get but I’m drawing a line in the sand.


Misssy M said...

At least it's boosted your stats. That's just the shot in the arm a blog needs: a conflict.

Relax and enjoy the fuss! You've been through worse (but don't worry, I'll not bring up the shoplifting...)

homelesschicken said...

Where,s the punch line!

Richard Madeley said...

Misssy, I need a few less conflicts. I seem to attract them.

Chicken, no punch line. Just a line in the sand.