Saturday, 3 November 2007

Concerning Cleavage

Both Judy and myself have been disturbed by a sudden rise in traffic coming from Google. Over the last 24 hours, people have developed an unhealthy interest in looking up ‘Judy’s cleavage’. Or should that be 'looking down Judy’s cleavage'? Whatever it is, can I ask you to stop it, guys?

There is one person, who we’ve tracked to Birmingham, who spent two hours searching and clearly not able to find anything on my dear wife, widened his search to ‘Richard & Judy’s cleavage’. I’m happy to put his mind at rest. Not only have I never posed for any pictures with my cleavage exposed but I have no cleavage. There is no possible way for me to produce cleave even if the need arose.

If this is a sign of what web notoriety brings a man, I can well see that I'm better off without it.


Sue Doe-Nim said...

Dude if I had a bunch of people trying to stare at my tits I'd be thrilled.

Swearing Mother said...

If I had any, I'd be thrilled.

Richard Madeley said...

Sue, I really don't know how to answer that. I could give you advice on how to have a bunch of people looking at your breasts. In fact, I shouldn't imagine it that hard at all.

Swearing Mother, I'm also at a loss for what I should say.

I'll send you both information packs on Richard&Judy's Breast Club. It was never as widely promoted as out book club but people who know about it say it's much better.