Thursday, 4 October 2007

The Tramp Called Dodger

The plans for the new series get more exciting by the day and I’m pleased to announce that our’s will be the first UK show to provide regular jobs for some of London’s thousands of tramps. I admit that this was my little brainwave. I notice on the drive to the studios that London has an abundance of homeless vagrant types, wandering the streets with nothing else to do. ‘Untapped potential’ thought I as my eyes narrowed and my brain went into overdrive. This morning I asked my driver to slow down next to one of the ugliest, smelliest, and most violent individuals we could find to see if he'd be interested in filling in while Denise Robertson goes on her spiritual quest to find herself up the Andes.

‘Excuse me,’ I said, through the window’s one inch gap. ‘Are you interested in a job?’

‘A job?’ repeated the man slowly as though the word once held meaning for him. ‘Ay, I’m interested. What doing?’

‘I thought general chat about weekly new items seen from the perspective of the slightly deranged and possibly sociopathic.’

‘Sociopathic? I could do that,’ he said, fingering the knife he’d take from his pocket. ‘When would I have to do this?’

‘Possible twice a week,’ I said, ‘depending on the number of guests we have on the show. You’d probably be on the sofa between Kim Wilde and Dr. Raj. You’d provide an alternative point of view.’

‘I like the sound of that,’ said the man as he began to scratch his initials into the door of the limo.

‘Well, that’s that,’ I said. ‘Hop in and I’ll take you to the studio.’

The production meeting went fine, except for the ten minutes we spent at the end trying to get my friend to release his hostage. A half-consumed box of Jammie Dodgers seemed to pacify him and all was settled when we promised him a weekly supply of his very own.

I personally think that Dodger (as we've now christened him) is going to be a huge star for Channel 4. We’re already thinking about producing his own series. We just have to find the right vehicle for him. Perhaps something to do with home improvements. I like the ironic twist it gives to a well worn genre.

Since I’ve been light on facts the last couple of days, here’s some facts about Jammie Dodgers. They are the world’s most popular biscuit, though in American they’re known as St. James Dodgers. In Japan, they have a wing of their biscuit museum dedicated to the dodger. The jam in a dodger isn’t actually jam but a syrup. It’s specially formulated to keep the two halves of the biscuit together and is actually stronger the rubber cement. Too many jammie dodgers eaten in a day can clog up the digestion, producing dodgeritus, which is a real medical condition, the remedy of which is to gorge on fig rolls. Conversely, eating too many fig rolls can produce a condition known as figrolltiddilyitus, the cure of which is – you’ve guessed it – eating plenty of Jammie Dodgers. But once you start, you will find it hard to reach a balance. You have been warned.


Glamourpuss said...

I'm sticking to Hobnobs. You know where you are with a Hobnob.


Dick Madeley said...

I'm sure there's a terrible joke in there I could make about hobonobs. But I won't make it now...

Perhaps tomorrow.

Swearing Mother said...

Blimey Richard, was quite impressed to hear that you're considering taking Denise Robertson up the Andes. She's a game old bird, isn't she?

The things you lot will do for the sake of a TV programme. Astonishing.

Claudia said...

A Tramp In London. you may have the beginning of broadway hit there, Richard!

Richard Madeley said...

Swearing, she is very game. Couldn't stop her when the chance came. She's in training to do Everest with oxygen. I say she'll be able to take it, but I can't say the same for the mountain.

Cluadia, such a good idea there. I'm going to get cracking on the libretto tonight and see what I can come up with by dawn. Andrew Lloyd Webber, eat your heart out.

Mopsa said...

You've been watching "meet the natives" Dick.

Anonymous said...

as a person who has experianced life
living on the streets homeless,i think your comments are condesending,
and patronising regarding the person you met, you give a label, but you do not see the person, only a figure of fun, which also extends to lots of the
so called support services, set up
to help people who sre homeless
see the person, not the label

elberry said...

Probably better to leave the fig rolls & jammie dodgers alone. Why start a war of intestinal escalation akin to the Cold War arms race?

Anonymous said...

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