Thursday, 7 August 2008

Fame’s Bright Glow

It always surprises me when people hand me compliments. I don’t mean small compliments. Those I usually deserve and I take whenever and wherever I can. I mean big compliments; praise that’s heavy in the packaging and with the postage to deliver it across the dense hinterland of my vast and incalculable ego. Compliments of this sort are a powerful drug. They are overwhelming gifts of generosity that leave me believing every flattery. Or, at least, I did until quite recently when I realised that it’s only my fame that these people enjoy.

This type of compliment says more about the people giving them than they do about the object of their praise. I know that my fame is the reason why some people read what I write. And that’s the only reason. Celebrity is like that. The candle never fails to attract a moth or two that come fluttering into its flame.

I address these thoughts to the latest moth to singe his wings on the glow of my fame. ‘Arthur’: I appreciated your email but I would prefer it if you loved me for who I am. The photograph of your latest tattoo was a touching but I share your wife’s opinion. It must indeed be a shock for her to roll over in the middle of the night and see me staring at her from beneath the duvet. In other words, I appreciate the compliment but I strongly advise you to start wearing pyjama bottoms.


Barbara said...

Now that would creep me out.

FWIW, being an American I have never seen your show and I'm taking your word for it that you're famous. I really have no clue who you are. So there you go, some of us actually think you're funny and not because you're on tv. I am not, however, getting your face tattooed anywhere on my body.

Black Cat said...

Me neither Barbara, despite his handsome mug! I mean the tattoo that is. Richard and his wife Judy have a great early evening show on weekdays and they are famous!

Richard, I wouldn't have known you had a blog if I hadn't found you through a comment you made on Wifey's blog and found that you write very entertainingly, which keeps me coming back:) xxx

Lola said...

Perhaps you could reciprocate: Arthur's face tattooed on your arse? Or even Arthur's arse tattooed on your face. Channel 4's make-up people could deal with it for TV purposes.

Barbara said...

^Now that's funny.