Tuesday, 21 April 2009

From The Pool

Another Chinese SPAM attack today. They seem to be bypassing the word verification, so I've now enabled full comment moderation. Not that I'm allowing it to annoy me. I've enjoyed a day in the pool and will continue to enjoy subsequent days being hot, wrinkled, and sexier than ever. The Chinese will never defeat me so long as I'm smeared in Ambre Solaire body lotion and have Cheggers to distract the summer gnats.


Anonymous said...

Marvellous. What's in the goblet thing - pineapple juice? I'm very fond of pineapple juice myself. Or ginger beer, or perhaps some tomato juice with a few crumbs of soy sauce. Also, how do you stop such exquisite cups from rusting from the drinks.

But let's not allow this to turn into a discussion of beverages. I suggest you ward off the spam with some duck-liver pate. Much more tasty.

Shikes, that's turning into a discussion of meat. But that's what this post was about, right?

Lola said...

I love the Rory McGrath hair style.

Word verification gives me inglyac, maybe that's why the Chinese can get past it. (inglyac: Chinese word for the lint that appears in belly buttons.)

Simon said...

I have heard say that they (the spammers) have a way of picking up the word verification from one site (e.e. your blog) and then applying it to another site such as a site offering free porn.

A user logs on to the porn site, verifies the image there and they then use the result in the site from where it was picked up.

The only solution would be to have stronger abuse teams in the ISP, but there is no money in it for the ISP.

Brit said...

Is that Ken Clarke behind you?

Moi said...

goodness, you're getting to look like a 70s porn star.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! How haven't I discovered this blog until now??



Anonymous said...

i love the spam,the best being a moroccan lemon spam....its gorgeous