Thursday, 13 May 2010

Am I Crazy?

Okay, it’s official. I’m crazy. I’ve now updated the Richard Madeley Appreciation Society three times in a day. I'm now getting emails and comments from people who still think I'm a full time blogger. Apparently, I've also got a programme on ITV tonight, 9pm, called All At Sea. I encourage you to watch it. It’s quality entertainment.

But let me repeat: don’t get it into your head that I’ll be blogging here again soon.

I have things to do. I still haven’t finished creating my giant Judy made entirely from candle wax.


Simon said...

Thankfully, I know my thingame from my wotsit. You can't pull the spun ruminant coat over my optical paraphanalia!

All this talk of three times a day at your age indeed. I suggest that you re-adjust your patented 'Uncle Dick Truss For the Larger Gentleman' and put those little blue pills back in the cupboard.

You know if you don't before you know it Bill Oddie will roll up in your back yard and insist on wrestling in raspberry trifle with Jeremey Clarkson.

Last time that happened you had poor Judy on her hands and knees for weeks trying to get the cream out of the cracks in the Etruscan murals.

OK, I'll come clean. As it is also my birthday, I thought I'd treat myself to a day off from the dried frog pills. Reading this back, that might have been the silliest thing I've done since I took the bath with my pet weasel.

Bye for now Uncle Dick. Enjoy the rest of your big day and sing a rousing sea shanty for us all.

lure the Sea said...

Oh, Richard. I was thinking about you today, wondering if you had received my whooshes of love.

Farewell the moment.

Lure the Sea XXX

*sits by the ocean and dreams of you*

merry weather said...

To all readers of Mutleythe dogsdayout

I am so terribly sorry to break this news:

Rob, the author here on blogger of mutley the dog, and my beloved partner in life died peacefully in his sleep in the early hours last Friday, the 21st of May.

I would have preferred to email readers privately. That would have been best, I know. So sorry. Simply it is this - I am heart-broken.

At some near time I will post properly, as Rob would wish - a celebration!



Uncle Dick Madeley said...

Merry Weather,

I'm really sad to hear that. Mutley had a rare sense of humour and will be missed. You have my thoughts.